Tarkine Together


Directed by Adelaide’s own Rhys Shepherd ‘TARKINE TOGETHER’ has won 94 awards in 74 international film festivals in most categories in 2021 including BEST FEATURE FILM, BEST DOCUMENTARY, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, BEST SCENOGRAPHY, BEST EDITING, BEST SOUND DESIGN OF DOCUMENTARY, BEST NATURE/ ENVIRONMENT/ WILDLIFE and a SOCIAL AWARENESS AWARD in London, New York, Paris and Moscow to name a few.

Join Lisa Gormley (‘Home and Away’ & ‘The Gloaming’) as we journey through the last remnants of ancient Gondwanaland’s forest rivers and trek along the rugged Tarkine roaring 40’s coastline where the dunes meet the cool temperate rainforest.

For tens of thousands of years the Tarkine which covers 447,000 hectares of wilderness in the North West region of Tasmania, has been revered by indigenous cultures who`s very way of life depended on an intimate nature/ culture balance. Today we view such places as commodities for Forestry, Mining Resource Extraction Industries and Tourism.

Part proceeds go toward ‘Helper Hands’ providing food parcels to the needy as a charity fundraiser.